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Jan 18, 2010 7:17pm EST
overcome these challenges by listening to dr. king's message, recognizing that america's true strengths, they lie in their diversity of talents. in southeast, 9news now and >>> the u.s. congress passed legislation encouraging the americans to observe the king's holiday as a national day of service back in 1994. the idea, to bring people together with different backgrounds to meet the needs of their communities. >>> if you need to see anything to do with sunshine or way above average temperatures, you're a happy person today. >> a nice dayed to do all the community work. that's kind of rare for this time of the year. >> i have a feeling it's not going to last. >> although that nothing like the december pattern. we don't see that. a little dip pack out there. the next three days. tomorrow, we'll still be mild. and a drop out there. very weak cold front that drops to the south. a shower, sprinkle. that's about it. a few clouds on wednesday. down to 42. that'll feel kind of crazied cold. crazy average actually. then on thursday, a mix will develop late or overnight on thursday. a
Jan 1, 2010 7:00pm EST
. in america we travel by car and plane and i wanted to see if i could do it and as i did the research there is actually buses all the way. evan will ride buses all the way to the southern tip of south america before board ' boarding a boat to sail the rest of the way. he expects the journey to go through nine states and 14 countries and it will take about ten weeks. >>> four college students aren't using their bus but their own legs to get to washington, d.c. they left miami this morning bound for the nation's capitol. the goal is to raise support for a bill that will allow eligible illegal immigrants to become american citizens. the trail of dreams walkers expect to finish their 1500- mile journey by the first of may. >>> still ahead, paper or plastic. no matter what you choose you will still get charged for it in dc. >>> and then later, logging on to help to save a historic local barn. >>> >>> you are husband to each other. that you are wife to each other. you are married [cheering and applause] >> back now with a look at the first 16 same-sex marriages performed in the state of new
Jan 14, 2010 7:00pm EST
of their grief, haitian americans are learning they are not alone. in every corner of america, peoplement to help. in a firehouse in miami's little haiti, residents dropped off items for the. >> the fact that we're going there gives them a sense of hope and the only thing we can do is ask them to pray for their loved ones and hope for the best. >> reporter: hope-- as the grim realities of the earthquake are revealed, hope is all many haitian americans have left. >> smith: we want to talk for a moment now about the obama administration a response to the quake. lara logan is in washington. she is our chief foreign affairs correspondent. lara, good evening. how would you characterize the response so far? >> reporter: harry, it's pretty much what you'd expect the response to be to a domestic crise of this kind of-- nature. the administration has come out very forcefully on this. in fact, the state department has set up a 24-hour operations center to coordinate all the interagency efforts, and at the same time, the president came out again this morning, his second specific public appearance on the ha
Jan 13, 2010 7:00pm EST
. the comfort visited haiti in april as part of a four month mission to the caribbean and latin america. >> and in silver spring, maryland, founders of human united for action charity, or hufac plan to fly to haiti to survey the devastation. they are accepting relief donations, water, first aid kits, clothes, all in laurel, maryland. but the leader says the road to recovery will be a tough one. >> over one week and one meeting -- it's going to take a long time for haiti to get back to its feet. >> members of hufac told 9news, some found relatives died, while others are waiting for that phone call from the relatives. >>> the united nations security council paused today in honor of those missing or killed in haiti. >> i now invite you to raise up and observe one minute silence. >> at least five people were killed in the collapse of the u.n. headquarters building. another 100 are missing, including the u.n. mission chief in haiti. >>> british teams scrambled to get to haiti to help. they are bringing in the heavy rescue gear, some search dogs and special listening devices to search un
Jan 27, 2010 7:00pm EST
in america and we can't sell it. >> that's the manager. >> it's definitely not business as usual. the economy itself has been a challenge. the timing isn't great. >> there are customers waiting to make deals. recall or not. >> the recall is not scaring us, and you know, we are still here to purchase a prius or a camry. >> and the crew is sorting through handfuls of keys to keep business rolling. they are pulling the models they can sell, prius', for instance, from storage to the front of the store and moving the recalled cars back. still, there is no telling how much business will be lost. >> there's really no way to say how many deals are on hold. we can't sell them. >> for a full list of recalled models, go to >> i'm sara walsh, today in northwest washington, 37 days after gilbert arenas brought guns into the verison center locker room, the league layed down its law. both will be suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. it's a punishment arenas asked the commissioner for. he met with stern yesterday, according to the post, arenas inquired about th
Jan 28, 2010 7:00pm EST
the consumer federation of america, they recommend that you work out directly with your own creditors. they may give you late charges. and contact the nonprofit credit service for more advice. where we have links to them on their website on >>> keep it right here, we'll be back with that forecast right after the break. >>> orderly chaos with the long dose of love. after the arrival for them. the 3-year-old little girl from haiti that now has a family and a place to call home. as peg peg reports -- peggy fox reports, they will have to come home. >> reporter: raising three children is not going to get easy. >> she plays with us a lot, she's very silly. a little stubborn that she has a toy that she wants. and some of that could be ugly. >> reporter: they have been trying to adopt her since she was an infant at an orphanage at port-au-prince. because of the birth certificate being missing, they held her up. then the earthquake struck. >> it's an amazing moment. there has been such blessings, not just for us, but for thefplt >> reporter: thanks to the easing of the u.s. policy, she was ab
Jan 7, 2010 7:00pm EST
bullet to securing the thousands of flights into america each day, domestic and international. they will require significant investments in many areas. >> reporter: now, we showed the comments to the travelers at the airport. >> the security administration has been here throughout the whole thing. they are doing the best they can. >> if somebody is motivated enough, they will find a way no matter what security measures you put in place. >> now, the nigerian is facing life in prison. >>> a teenage girl is raped and the police need your help to find out who is responsible. plus, another scandal involving a dc official, but even though he is going to jail, he >>> let's which check that evening rush. >> >>> as far as drive times right now, looking good. 95 to 50, only 15 minutes right now. talking about 270, let's go outside and take a look, pretty good easing now passed montgomery village no problems reported. we are still seeing volumes out there as you can see the brake lights about a 27 membership drive. back to you. >>> in the consumer alert, maximize your money without maki
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7